The influence of contemporary art on the formation of personality

At the moment, there are many definitions of art

Art is a specific kind of spiritual reflection and exploration of reality. For many years, art researchers have further added: “aiming at the formation and development of a person’s ability to creatively transform the world around him and himself according to the laws of beauty.”

The very fact that art has a purpose is debatable. The concept of beauty is relative. In this regard, the standard of beauty can vary greatly in different cultural traditions.

Art is one of the elements of culture in which artistic and aesthetic values ​​are accumulated.

Art is a form of sensory knowledge of the world. There are three methods of human cognition: rational (based on thinking); sensual (based on emotions), irrational (based on intuition).

In the main manifestations of the spiritual cultural activity of a person, denoting the symbolic image of culture (science, art, religion), all three are present. Each of these areas has its predominant areas: science – rational, art – sensual, religion – intuitive.

Art is an area of ​​manifestation of human creative abilities

Art is the process of mastering artistic values ​​by a person, giving him a certain pleasure, enjoyment.Despite the age of mass media, in which one can fulfill all desires without leaving the door of one’s apartment, the younger generation still strives to get in touch with real, genuine art, to feel the spiritual and moral beginning in oneself.

Means of influence of art and its types

First of all, it is worth deciding on the types of art, and there are a fairly large number of them. So, the main types of art: music, literature, painting, theater, cinema, sculpture, architecture, photography, as well as arts and crafts, graphics and much more.

How does art work

The means of expression in art are not intended only to evoke some particular feeling.

These methods are intended for more global purposes – to form a special inner world of a person who is able to see beauty and create something similar.

Speaking about the influencing force of this phenomenon, one cannot confine oneself to the concepts of good and evil.

Art forms the inner world of a person, teaches him to distinguish between the concepts of good and evil, to talk about life, as well as to structure his thoughts and even see the world in a multifaceted aspect.

Books plunge into a completely different world of dreams and fantasies, form a person as a person, and also make you think about many things and take a different look at seemingly ordinary situations.


The influencing force of art is the greatest power that can radically change a person’s worldview and significantly influence the formation of his inner world.

A riot of colors, rich colors and harmoniously matched shades, smooth lines and scale of volumes – all these are means of fine art.
Scientists have confirmed the beneficial effect of works of fine art, painting on the mental health of a person.

Observation of painting helps to improve well-being and helps to get rid of negative emotions, worries, stress and depression. It has also been proven that those people who surround themselves with pictures significantly reduce the feeling of anxiety and fear.

Art around us

Has anyone thought while decorating their apartment and thinking through the design that at the moment you can notice the influence of art on you? Creating furniture or accessories is part of arts and crafts.

Color matching, harmonious shapes and space ergonomics are exactly what designers are studying. Or another example: when choosing a dress in a store, you preferred the one that was correctly tailored and thought out by the fashion designer.

At the same time, fashion houses are not modest, trying to influence your choice with bright commercials. Video is also part of the art.

That is, watching advertising, we are also under its influence. This is also an argument, the influence of genuine art on a person, however, is revealed in higher spheres.

Art is a way of knowing the world

This is a social process of interaction of a person with society and with himself. This concept is so ambiguous that it is impossible to say in which part of our life it is present and in which it is not.

The aesthetic function is obvious: works of art are beautiful and develop taste. Close to this hedonistic function – to bring pleasure. Some literary works often carry a prognostic function.